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Datatec, Inc.

About the Company

Since 1985 Datatec, Inc. has devoted its professional expertise to a single goal – matching customer needs and supplying them with elite products unequaled in quality to keep complex electronic equipment functioning.

Datatec's skills have earned the confidence of some of the world's largest firms in supplying equipment of excellence for managing power surges, power sags, high voltage spikes, switching transients, electrical line noise, frequency variation, brownout, and power failure.

Datatec is located in the center of enterprising Bergen County in northern New Jersey. Some of the world's largest firms – Fortune 500 companies – have their main operations in this major metropolitan area. With increasingly complex structures dependent on power and a controlled environment, these continuous operations require constant protection.

Across the board, all types of business depend on Datatec products for 7 x 24 reliability.

Office Location:

New Jersey

200 Braen Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Phone: 973.423.0005

Fax: 973.423.5702


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200 Braen Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481  |  p: 973.423.0005  |  f: 973.423.5702
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